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If you like the concept of Grindr but want to focus on people you might know or have heard of as opposed to strangers then you will love Down.

Down is an app that really allows you to get to know people you might have been crushing on for years, and it is a good way to tell someone you are interested in them if you do not have the ability to tell them yourself.

The goal of this app is to help you find people with like interests, but you can cut out the chatter and get down to business.

Pure is probably the most similar app to Grindr for straight people because you do not have to play games or pretend to be interested in more than what you really want to begin with.

You can chat with people, find relationships or friendships, or simply get on there to be on the prowl for a one-night stand.

Tinder happened before Grindr, but it should still be considered an app like Grindr for straight people because it is probably the most-used hookup and dating app out there.

Down runs on i OS and Android and it allows you to swipe those people that you might have always admired or wanted to get to know in a different way.

There is something called an “Up” and something called a “Down” when you use this app.

Did you know that in fact, there are many apps out there similar to Grindr that are focused on straight people and heterosexual hookups?

We thought it would be a good idea to tell you all about the best apps if you are looking for a Grindr alternative for straight people.

Pure– If we are talking about similar apps to Grindr for straight people, we have to talk about Pure.

If you want to do more than have sex, Hinge is the best option out there because you can find the friends of friends on this app and begin talking to them.

You do not have to deal with strangers on this app, since it will be using your friends and those friends of friends, and this is a nice alternative for some people.

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Down– Down is a little bit different than just a straight-up hookup app with strangers.

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