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Things randomly flying off the shelves when no one is near them, glowing red eyes in the back in the cooler, footsteps when no one is in the store, and when you leave you can hear voices of the natives saying "Thank you, please come back and see us," and Indian music playing. Travel east on Smokey Hill Rd and take a left at the stop sign when the road becomes one lane each way.

If you are walking down that sidewalk late at night you can here screams and also something in the large Cottonwood Trees that still stand above where the bathroom used to be.

Cold spats are common, as well as occasional power outages.

The story among employees goes that once the security guards were watching the cameras upstairs, as usual, when they spotted a small girl holding a balloon.

One of the trees has no bark on the side of the trunk that is facing the building (likely from the fire). Something really similar happened about 7 years ago at the same building.

People have reported seeing strange lights and experiencing an eerie feeling as they walk by this hotel.

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It is said that this 7-11 was built on an old Indian Reservation.

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