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Datingbubo ru

SCP-2703-1 talked with a monotone voice and refused to eat anything.SCP-2703-1 dematerialized without warning 25 minutes after.

The procedure was the same as in Testing Log 2703-11-A. Analysis: Subject(s): D-6342 (Male, 46), SCP-2703-1 Procedure: D-6342 was made aware of SCP-2703-1's nature, and was ordered to not scream upon its manifestation.

SCP-2703-1's favourite method of communication is by singing in a mezzo-soprano voice, but it will stop if asked to.

Despite referring to itself as "Countess of Folas, Duchess of Fatyma and Marquisette of Dispria", SCP-2703-1 equally responds to any given name.

SCP-2703-1 possesses 5 tentacle-like appendages of adjustable length, located on its back.

Each appendage is of different colour (red, pink, yellow, blue and green) and is safe for human consumption.

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Results: Despite being made aware of SCP-2703-1's nature, D-6175 screamed in terror upon SCP-2703-1's manifestation. The procedure was otherwise the same as the previous experiments.

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