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(Link to most recent petitions , calendar year 2014 petitions , calendar year 2013 petitions , calendar year 2012 petitions , calendar year 2011 petitions , calendar year 2010 petitions , calendar year 2009 petitions). The Supreme Court of Kansas granted the following petitions for review: Betty A. e File Now Search Pending Appellate Cases Appellate Published Opinions Appellate Unpublished Opinions Search by Date of Release Search by Docket Number Supreme Court Case Name List Published Disciplinary Cases Court of Appeals Case Name List Court Dockets & Argument Schedules Supreme Court Oral Arguments Petitions for Review Transfers of Appeal Electronic Filing Petitions for Review - Calendar Year 2015 History of Previous Actions Below are a listing of actions by the Supreme Court on petitions for review. If the Court of Appeals decision for which review was sought has been published, a link has been provided to the published opinion on this site. KRMC now has new medical facilities in Kansas City and Manhattan, Kansas, focused solely on adipose adult stem cell therapy.The Phil Fund will select deserving veterans each year to receive a free stem cell procedure.

Noll, a Kansas Resident, d/b/a A to Z Land Surveying v. Bailes, a Kansas Resident d/b/a Frontier KIA USA Auto, Inc., a Kansas Corporation; Bank of Western Oklahoma of Woodward County, Oklahoma; RSC Equipment Rental, Inc., an Arizona Corporation Registered in Kansas; Donald S. State Corporation Commission of the State of Kansas; Gary and Kayla Bridwell d/b/a Black Rain Energy v. Blazek, deceased, et al., and Avalanche Funding, LLC; Avalanche v. Blazek, deceased, Tammy Pachta, Executrix, et al.; Brenda Odgers Dustin J. Shawn Sullivan, Secretary of the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (both Petition for Review filed by Merryfield and Cross-Petition for Review filed by Sullivan)Robert S. Coverage of Petitions for Review on this website begins with April 7, 2009.They both sought out and successfully received adipose stem cell therapy.John and Ken waited for months to confirm their new-found pain relief and positive results, and then decided to share the success they personally experienced by founding the Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center.After hearing a lecture about stem cells given by a world leading animal stem cell expert, our founders asked a simple question: “Would this work for us?” John and Ken have had nine knee surgeries between them, along with many various other orthopedic pains, associated with working in the cattle business and from sports related injuries.

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He was a true giver of spiritual advice, money, help, unconditional friendship and his own time.