Taylor kitsch on dating

Posted by / 11-Aug-2017 13:25

At the end of July 2015, the rumored couple revealed to ET Canada that there is nothing to set straight.Addressing the never-ending rumor with Mc Adams, Kitsch, who portrayed the gay character in The Normal Heart, said- She further explained that it doesn't necessarily mean that a man and woman are dating if they are spotted or pictured together.

A month after she and Kitsch were spotted at a restaurant in West Hollywood, “multiple sources” confirmed to that they are indeed an item. “But it’s serious.” The Canadians apparently have been “friends for years,” added a second Mc Adams source.However, almost a year later, Life & Style magazine exclusively revealed that Kitsch and Mc Adams are dating and are ready to take their relationship to the next level.According to the magazine, the pair is living together and is brunching, and going to the gym together.“They grew closer on set.” Now, before we all moan about the injustice of one woman bagging both Gosling and Kitsch in one lifetime, it’s not out of the realm to question whether this is all part of a plan to drum up publicity for season two of “True Detective.” The series premiered two weeks ago to less then the gushing reviews that were expected, so it’s not nuts to wonder if HBO is encouraging the tabloid buzz.Plus, these are two people whose private lives the public seem to care about immensely, which could result in ratings.

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