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Myself and Adam wanted to continue our adventure after the first Bounce experience, and we asked around in the local music shops and looked for adverts from other members.

Manchester was buzzing at that time, and that is how we got together.

That is very uncool, but if you think about the 90’s surf guitar bands that were around like Huevos Rancheros it was the direct forerunner of that wave, and that was cool.

I played, well tried to play various instruments when I was young, but I was no good so ended up as a drummer. I tried trumpet and played a type of xylophone instrument in a marching band when I was in my early teens.

In the Netherlands I play in a 25 piece percussion band.

I have expanded my repertoire but have managed to continue at a more or less professional level wherever I have lived. I worked with Adam and we decided to get a band together, which we called Bounce the Mouse.

We have loosely kept in touch over the years, more sporadic between some members and closer with others, but we have never fully lost touch.

I had written about them on the blog and was looking for more information and 2. These were definitely two great reasons to ask Jonny if he was up for answering all my questions and so I could learn the story behind this great Manchester band from the mid and late 80s! Thanks so much for getting in touch and being up for this interview! Was it easy to figure out the logistics for this to happen?

I notice that there is going to be a Bounce the Mouse reunion gig! Hi, yes there is going to be a reunion on 3rd February, at Gullivers in Manchester.

It is a celebration that 30 years have passed since the recording of Will you Ever Say, and its later release.

That was after I started work and was introduced to indie and rock music on a large scale.

Well we listened to a range of stuff, The Doors, Julian Cope, Velvet Underground and Echo and the Bunnymen amongst others.

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He used to feed it live mice, but as it was not Malaysia but Manchester the lizard was not very active.