Who is hannah dating in pretty little liars

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Hannah’s parents have been collecting evidence for the police for a lawsuit — one that Justin may possibly be involved in — and Olivia is convinced this is their key to the case.

Hannah’s father Andy (Brian d'Arcy James) isn’t so sure that court will see it the same way (Andy remarks that some would call Hannah’s placement on the list a compliment, a.k.a.

Things are initially great between the trio: they share their biggest “FML” moments and help one another cope.

And that’s the reason why Hannah has listed Justin on the tapes: he took a beautiful moment and made it ugly. He remembers a moment just after Hannah’s photo went viral, when Hannah came to sit with him at lunch.

Clay — jealous of her hookup with Justin — snapped at Hannah.

In flashbacks narrated by Hannah, we get the story of Justin and Hannah — a story of young romance gone terribly awry.

Hannah describes how Justin, the boyfriend Eventually, Hannah sneaks out of her house (despite being under the watchful eye of her mother Olivia, played by Kate Walsh) and meets up with Justin in the park.

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Jessica confronts Justin and tells him that she’s worried about Clay: he’s not like the rest of them.